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Help A Horse to Help a Hero

We invite you to join the San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship family and sponsor one of our special therapy horses.

Our Help a Horse to Help a Hero Program allows corporations, businesses, groups, and individuals the opportunity to get involved and support the foundation of our center - our horses.



The typical yearly cost of maintaining a therapy horse is $4,500.

Costs breakdown includes board, feed, farrier, and veterinary costs.



San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship needs private and corporate sponsors to help underwrite the cost of our veteran Freedom Reins program and contribute to ongoing stable expenses. 


Your gift will allow us to support more of our veterans, run additional equine programs, and ensure our horses are healthy and happy.


Below you will find information on our horses available for sponsorship (partial or full), and a number of different sponsorship opportunities you can get involved in. We are more than happy to work with you to customize a particular package to ensure we are meeting your community giving needs. 


Please contact us today so we can discuss sponsorship ideas.




Meet Our Horses Available for Sponsorship

  • San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship Paddi

    Paddington was gifted to us from the LexLin Gypsy Gift Program in early 2018. This handsome boy won our hearts as quickly as he showed his therapeutic program promise. He is naturally inclined to care for people, loves to snuggle, and is on his way to becoming a world-class program horse. 

    By sponsoring Paddington, you are investing in his on-going care and specialized training. You will become a pivotal part of his success and will shape his therapeutic future. We have big plans for Paddy. 

    Paddy is the ideal sponsorship candidate for people or companies looking to witness the growth and development of a program horse. Gain exclusive insights into his training and watch as he becomes a pivotal piece of our program. 


    This guy is going places. Be part of it. 

    Cheeky youngster and future therapeutic program champion

    Paddington (Paddy)

  • San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship Spons

    As soon as Buttercup stepped onto our ranch we knew she was built to be a therapeutic program horse. She is considerate, graceful and patient - she has a rare and invaluable ability to treat her rider as her 'own' - to help them find confidence and to trust. 


    By sponsoring ButterCup, you are ensuring this special lady can continue to inspire and change the lives of her riders. You are keeping her happy, fit and healthy - and most importantly, keeping her doing what she loves. 


    Buttercup is the perfect sponsorship candidate for people or businesses who have a soft spot for gentle and authentic success. You will gain exclusive behind the scenes information about the life of a therapy horse, be a pivotal part of the team working towards keeping her performing at her best, and above all... you'll be changing lives. 

    Head mare and program favorite


So, what are the benefits of sponsoring a San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship Horse?

Horse Sponsors of the Help a Horse to Help a Hero Program, receive:

  • A framed photograph of their chosen horse (golden hoof print signature included!)

  • Name/Logo on Stall Door Plaque

  • Tax deductible donation letter

  • Website and social media recognition

  • Annual thank you lunch

  • Program and horse updates

  • Visitation rights

  • A thank you gift

  • PR to include photo and media release



Not only will your generous donation cover all boarding, feed, farrier and veterinary costs, but you will also be providing your horse with supplemental training and therapeutic requirements such as equine massage and chiropractic care. 

$500 per month


1/4 sponsorship of a San Diego Therapeutic Riding horse covers supplements and farrier care for your horse.

$100 per month


Your generosity will cover 100% of the cost that goes into keeping a therapeutic horse at San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship.  All the boarding, feed, farrier and veterinary costs will be covered. 

$375 per month


Pewter sponsorship of a San Diego Therapeutic Riding horse allows the donor to choose if they would rather cover the costs for veterinary care, grain feeding or supplement costs. 

$50 per month


1/2 sponsorship of a San Diego Therapeutic Riding horse covers food and vet care for your horse. A healthy horse is a happy horse. 

$200 per month


Let's discuss the various other sponsorship options we have available. From;

  • shuffling the above-mentioned packages

  • program/rider sponsorship

  • single component coverage (board, feed, vet care etc.)

  • treats

from $10

SDTH Horse Sponsorship Flyer
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