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San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship Rider Support Fund

We invite you to join the San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship family and contribute to our Rider Support Fund.


This initiative allows corporations, businesses, groups, and individuals the opportunity to get involved and help us provide low cost or no cost equine therapeutic services to those with a need.


One of SDTH's biggest challenges is the ongoing cost of providing our therapeutic equine programs at a reasonable cost for participants. 

We subsidize a portion of our costs for all clients (and veterans are always free) however, many families with members with disabilities do not have the financial budget to include therapeutic recreation.  You can help us change that. 


FYI: The typical cost of a therapeutic lesson is $75


San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship needs private and corporate sponsors to help underwrite the cost of our Rider Support Fund.


Your gift will allow riders not typically able - to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of horses in a supportive and safe environment.  


Below you will find information on the different sponsorship opportunities you can get involved in. We are more than happy to work with you to customize a particular package to ensure we are meeting your community giving needs. 


Please contact us today so we can discuss our Rider Support Fund sponsorship opportunities. 


Donate to the SDTH Rider Support Fund
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San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship

1 Lesson

By funding one lesson, you are allowing an individual rider to experience an introduction to therapeutic riding.


you can purchase as many of these packages as you wish and apply them to the same rider. 


San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship Henry

40 Lessons

By funding 40 Lessons, you are funding a year's worth of therapeutic equine lessons for a single rider. 


Your generosity will provide an adaptive and supportive outlet that enhances the riders cognitive, emotional, and physical well being.





San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship

5 Lessons 

By opting to fund 5 lessons, you are allowing riders to experience the benefits of a consistent program and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of horses in a supportive and safe environment.  


San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship works

80 Lessons

80 lessons provide two riders with entire years worth of lessons.


This generous gift will change multiple lives and provide healing, growth, and inspiration to countless individuals. 


San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship

10 Lessons

10 lessons makes a significant impact on the life of someone in need. 

You will be helping to improve the physical, cognitive, and social well-being of our clients. 


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