San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship wouldn’t be what it is today if not for the incredible men, women and, of course, horses who give their all to change the lives of each and every one of their clients.

Ainslie Kraeck - Executive Director - PATH Int’l Advanced Instructor

Ainslie, a recognized leader in therapeutic horsemanship, is a PATH Intl. Certified Advanced Instructor and serves as a PATH Intl. Instructor Evaluator. She has an innate ability to build confidence in her riders and bring out the best in her volunteers. With years of experience, Ainslie is an exceptional instructor and accomplished horsewoman.  

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Two Legged Staff

Evelyn Myers - PATH International Certified Instructor

​Evelyn is a experienced PATH International Instructor with a calming presence and wealth of equine knowledge. A gifted horsewoman, Evelyn’s ability to effectively adapt her lessons to each rider’s individual need has ensured she is an invaluable member of the San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship team. 

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Jenny is a wise and intuitive mare. She has a talent for giving her riders what they need- not necessarily what they want. She can be shy until a connection is made - but then she is your forever girl.

Mr. Kool

A crowd pleaser and confidence builder, Mr. Kool is our handsome international delight. Having been bred in Germany, this stoic warmblood is as is as gentle as he is good-looking.


We challenge you to find a sweeter mare than our Buttercup. Her loyalty and caring nature ensures our program participants quickly fall in love with her and excel. 

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Four Legged Staff

Paddington (Paddy)

The beloved baby of our group, Paddington is truly one of a kind. This handsome gypsy vanner is wise beyond his years and as loyal as they come. You can’t but fall head-over-heels in love with him as soon as you see him. 


Have you ever seen such a sweet face? Meet Hershey, proof that amazing things come in small packages! This little man is one of the keys to our successful ground work program and can't help but make everyone around him smile. 


A true gentleman and crowd pleaser, Moses is a sweet giant with a heart of gold. A stunning Andalusian gelding that will do anything for a back-scratch and cuddle, Moses is known for his ability to effortlessly build his rider’s confidence.

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