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San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship Spons

San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship is in search of a new horse for our Freedom Reins Veterans’ therapeutic horsemanship program.

Benefits of donating your horse to San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship

Your horse will receive:​​

  • A loving home

  • Boundless affection

  • Routine hoof, veterinary and dental care

  • Specialized training to maximize there therapeutic potential

  • Tax-deductible charitable contribution

Is your horse ready for a career change? 

We would like our new partner to have the following qualities:


  • 8 - 15 years of age

  • 15 – 16.2 hands

  • Heavy boned with the ability to carry 20% of their body weight

  • Sound at the walk, trot, and canter

  • Comfortable in the arena and on trail

  • Quiet temperament, non-reactive

  • Well seasoned to sights and sounds

  • Enjoys people

  • Enjoys grooming and bodywork

  • Gets along well with other horses

  • Quiet for farrier and vet

  • Trailers well

  • Comfortable with both arena and trail work.


We will require a 60-day trial lease before permanently accepting program horses. 


The horse we are looking for is probably a “been there, done that” kind of horse, perhaps a horse that is ready to retire from their current career and looking for a gentler job.

What Are We Looking For in a Therapeutic Program Horse? 

Our Process 

Step 1.

Initial Outreach

This stage is about determining your horse's eligibility, how the horse will fit into our center, and set expectations.  

Step 2. 

In Person Evaluation

A San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship staff member will visit the horse in person. It will be groomed, tacked and ridden.  

Step 3. 

Lease Period


We require a 60-day trial lease before permanently accepting a horse.

During the trial, the horse will be evaluated by our staff to determine its temperament, soundness, and ability to participate in the program.

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